Visit the highest Alpine Spa in the Alps at Leukerbad Ski Resort

Posted On: October 28, 2012

Not only is Leukerbad home to some 50km of ski slopes, but it’s also home to the highester Alpine spa and wellness centre in the Alps. There are many hot thermal springs, too, which attract visitors all your round. So after a long day skiing, you can always wind down in a naturally-occurring spa.

Leukerbad is popular all year round, and one of the top five tourist destinations within Valais.

Leukerbad is also surrounded by cliffs, and whilst the ski area is small, it’s absolutely enjoyable with six ski lifts catering for the whole run of slopes. There is also a long ski descent from the highest chairlift, which reaches a massive 2,610m.

There are 20 hotels and self-catering apartments in the area, ranging massively in price but all offering the kind of luxury you would expect from such a beautiful and natural area. So don’t miss out on the variety and beauty of his popular tourist attraction in Switzerland.

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