The Very Best Snow Conditions at Livigno

Posted On: October 9, 2012

Livigno is more than just a tax-free haven in Italy, it’s also home to a gorgeous and isolated wind-swept valley that stretches for miles. Livigno is some 1815m up, meaning that snow conditions are simply ideal thanks to the high altitude.

When travelling to Livigno, you’ll find a huge range of quirky, dainty and traditional places to stay all run and owned by the local people. Be sure to book early and find somewhere close to the lifts, though!

Local food is popular and common, and alongside the expanse of natural beauty, you’ll really be able to experience a piece of traditional, high-altitude Italy.

You’ll find 110km of runs, with ski slopes designed for beginners, intermediates and advanced skiers. There is also an efficient lift system which is able to negate queues. The area is pretty remote, a good few hours away from the nearest airport – but the hospitality, tradition and beauty of the place more than make up for the time spent in a car travelling to your accommodation.

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