Party All Night Long in Méribel

Posted On: October 10, 2012
Party All Night Long in Méribel

Those who love to ski all day and then dance all night flock to Méribel every winter, and the quality of both the slopes and the nightlife is unrivalled anywhere else in the country.

When you stay in Méribel you will stay in a top quality wooden chalet that has all the rustic charm to help you relax after a hard morning on the slopes. But if you don’t plan on spending much time in your lodge then you have very easy access to the two best skiing valleys in the area where the slopes vary in difficulty from beginner to intermediate.

If you enjoy an energetic atmosphere and live bands then you must visit The Rond Point, also known as The Ronny which has a happy hour from 4pm to 5pm but if you’re after a low-key night out then choose one of the smarter bars in town such as Le Poste de Secours.

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