Luxury Skiing Opportunities at Alagna Valsesia

Posted On: October 9, 2012

Italy might not be your first thought for skiing, but it’s actually ideal! The Italian ski resort Alagna Valsesia can be found in the Aosta Valley skiing district, which has access to a massive 190 different pistes. You can enjoy the 15km of pisted ski runs in Alagna Valsesia, or you can instead choose to take the ski lift to enjoy other ski resorting in the area, including Pila, Saint-Rhemy-en-Bosses, Etroubles or Courmayeur. There are also many more.

Snowboarding and skiing are immensely popular throughout the season. The ski lift capacity is large, making it convenient to travel. It lifts over 4,000 skiers per hour. Furthermore, Alagna Valsesia augments natural snow on 2km of ski slopes. It also has three snow cannons!

Alagna Valsesia is the ideal resort for advanced skiers, offering a range of slopes and a number of nearby resorts if you want to try something different, or enjoy off-piste descents.

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