Let Scott Dunn Find the Perfect Slope

Posted On: October 10, 2012
Let Scott Dunn Find the Perfect Slope

The Scott Dunn skiing company can open your eyes to some of the most spectacular skiing settings that you will ever see. Under the glorious sun of Northern British Columbia you can sail down the side of the Skeena Mountains through deep powder and weaving through trees under the guidance of some of the most experienced guides in the country.

Every day that you spend with Scott Dunn will be unique. Your own professional guide will help you to choose from a variety of slopes scattered across 2.2 million acres of snowy mountainside. Once you have made your choice, make the experience truly unique and travel there in helicopter.

Scott Dunn also offers skiing locations in the remote mountains of Europe so no matter where you’d prefer to go, you can always have the experience of a lifetime whether you are heli skiing, boarding or enjoying a husky dog sleigh ride.

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