Intermediate Adventure in Saalbach

Posted On: October 17, 2012
Intermediate Adventure in Saalbach

When you arrive at Salzburg airport you are only 90 minutes drive from the stunning resort of Saalbach which features one of the most sophisticated ski lift systems throughout the whole of Austria. If you’re an intermediate with a desire for adventure then Saalbach should be the first place you visit.

Saalbach is right next door to extraordinary ring of mountain peaks that reach as high as 2,000m. Thanks to the beautiful and unique layout of these peaks, a natural ski circuit is formed so you can effectively ski in any direction. At this resort you can ski in comfort as in addition to the 55 top of the range ski lifts, a new gondola that fits eight people with heated seats has been added so you can access the 200 kilometres of slopes in style.

And unlike the majority of intermediate skiing slopes across the world you don’t have to go all the way to the finish. If you get tired you can reach a natural stopping point on the valley floor and be back in time for the bus ride home.

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