Explore the Mamolada Glacier at Arabba

Posted On: October 9, 2012

Arabba can be found in the middle of the Sella Ronda Circuit, and offers a great experience for snowboarders and skiers alike. In fact, you’ll enjoy a total of 175km of runs at the ski resort.

The whole surrounding area is ideal for all winter sports-goers. Arabba is known particularly for the challenges it can offer for skiers and snowboarders, with a huge range of steeps, direct access to the famous Marmolada glacier and a great snow record.

The resort is uncommercial, offering a traditional experience with a range of family-oriented restaurants in the nearby area. It’s the same with accommodation, with modest and traditional places to stay during your trip. If you’re looking to get away from the rush of holiday makers and see traditional Italy, this is certainly the place to look. Arabba is particularly good for more experienced snowboarders and skiers, due to its challenging slopes and landscape.

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