Advanced Skiers Will Love Laax Ski Resort

Posted On: October 21, 2012

Laaz Ski Resort is aimed primarily at advanced users, offering 86km of incredible naturally beautiful ski slopes. There are, however, plenty of slopes also available for those who are only just learning or are intermediate skiers. Beginners have 63km of space and intermediates have 71km.

You’ll find Laaz two hours southeast of Zurish in the Swiss Alps. The area is a national treasure that, until recently, was only know by a few outside of Switzerland. It’s not becoming one of the most popular resorts in the country.

The glacier in the resort offers an extended ski season. Available are 220km of ski slopes, making this one of Switzerland’s largest ski areas. In fact, you’ll even find three unique snow parks in the resort!

With few tour operators advertising Laax, you’ll feel relaxed in this quiet resort. With some great snowboarding events occurring every year, too, you can be sure that Laax is eventful and peaceful at the same time. Accommodation is just as great, too, with many traditional lodges available for hire.

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