A Revolutionary Experience at Canadian Mountain Holidays

Posted On: October 9, 2012
A Revolutionary Experience at Canadian Mountain Holidays

Choose from dozens of incredible experiences when you choose Canadian Mountain Holidays. They have 11 of their own skiing resorts all beautiful located within the secluded mountain regions of British Columbia. Altogether they cover more than 12,349 square kilometres which equals a third of Switzerland!

If you fancy a longer getaway then you can choose a seven day trip which includes CMH’s signature heliskiing and heliboarding experience, perfect those who want to thrill seek for longer. For those who would prefer a short burst of adventure without getting too exhausted then there are several 4 and 5 day trips that offer unique heliskiing experiences at several different luxury lodges.

For the warmer time of year there are a selection of different adventures to choose from including High Flying Adventures with ziplines and Via Ferrate and family hiking ventures. Can’t decide when you want to go? Then use CMH’s Availability and Planning Wizard to find your perfect holiday!

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